Project and Advisory Services

Our project work revolves in the areas of liquidation and the related advisory; litigation support and mediation.

We have experiences in administering liquidation whether voluntary or compulsory, solvent or insolvent. As part of the liquidator’s instincts, we develop investigative skills and are capable of providing litigation support service.

Our Lee Yin Chen is a trained mediator accredited by the Consumers Association of Singapore (CASE) and the Singapore International Mediation Institute (SIMI). 


Mediation is a process of getting a neutral party to facilitate the participants in disputes to discuss their issues jointly and/or separately, in an attempt to re-look objectively the issues and isolate them from the emotional aspect of the disputes in order to explore options, evaluate with different alternatives before reaching a consensual settlement. It is one of the alternate dispute resolution mechanisms that premised upon the participants’ voluntariness to negotiate and hence their respective commitments to the settlement reached. 

Why Mediation?

Because justice does not always follow judgment, and there is no parity between legal costs and justice! Above all the noise and emotion that rule your mind, the commercial reality is a fact, and it is always a reality check to bear in mind! 

So, next time you have a dispute - don't litigate, mediate first!