Adjudication of Claims in Insolvency Administration (Code: IR014)

Programme Objectives

This seminar provides an overview of the creditors’ rights, their priority and the adjudication of claims. 

Programme Outline

The seminar will cover the following aspects:

1. The creditors and their rights

2. The pari passu principle

3. The. exceptions to the pari passu principle

4. The priority - a funnel view with statute and common law practice, and the bottom-line

5.  The instrument of filing a claim

6. The process: admission, rejection and the appeal

7. The dividend - what is it in essence

Trainer Details

Lee Yin Chen 

Yin Chen is an approved liquidator under section 9 of the Companies Act; and a practising Chartered Accountant of Singapore. He has 10 years’ experience in insolvency administrations involving voluntary and involuntary liquidations, receivership, scheme of arrangement and compromise; he also spent a fair percentage of time in litigation support work.

Prior to insolvency administrations, Yin Chen was an auditor and was involved in some litigation support work such as shareholders’ disputes, apart from the routine auditing. In 2011, Yin Chen left his employment as a senior manager with the corporate recovery department of a large accounting and consulting service group in Singapore and set up his own liquidation practice.