A testimonial to Recovery Accountants Pte. Ltd. for their dedication in service

August 2020

I was a co-founder of an engineering service company in 2007 providing Engineering, Procurement and Construction (EPC), Operations and Maintenance (O&M) solutions for water, wastewater, biogas and sludge treatment. The company had a track record of securing and executing over 70 EPC and O&M projects in Singapore.

I approached Recovery Accountants (RA) through a recommendation to their insolvency practitioner to act as a nominee for my individual voluntary arrangement (IVA) after the company went into financial trouble.

After taking on my case, RA spent time in understanding the background of the whole issues before proposing and acting on what was the best choice for me.  I would say RA could have just carried out the scope of work as a nominee by following the instruction from the legal advice, but they put in additional efforts to follow up to ensure things flow through according to the plan despite the extra efforts and time outweighed the monetary reward I could afford.

In time of such a crisis, it is always the extra effort that would make or break a deal.  As an experienced businessman, I am impressed by the level of devotion, diligence and dedication that Recovery Accountants demonstrated in their work notwithstanding my financial predicament.

After the case, I came to know that they do provide service in the areas of accounting and corporate secretarial support. I believe the impeccable work ethos of Recovery Accountants will stand RA in good stead as a distinct corporate service provider while carrying out the duties and responsibilities balanced with their diversified experiences as advisors in other areas. Therefore, I would engage their service again if I am setting up another company in Singapore. As sound advice from your service provider or friends do help you in making sound judgement.

I consent to Recovery Accountants' publication of this letter as a testament to their professionalism and service standard.

Yours faithfully

Tay BB